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Ridgedale Center, colloquially known as Ridgedale, is an enclosed shopping mall in Minnetonka, Minnesota, a western suburb of the Twin Cities. It is directly located off I-394/US 12 between Ridgedale Drive and Plymouth Road (Hennepin CSAH 61). Ridgedale Center comprises 1,105,337 square feet (100,000 m2) of leaseable retail space, and contains approximately 140 retail tenants. It is currently jointly owned by Brookfield Properties Retail Group and CBRE Group, and managed by Brookfield. Anchors are JCPenney, Macy's and Nordstrom.

Built in 1974, it was originally anchored by Dayton's, Donaldson's, JCPenney, and Sears, before the first two anchors merged with other companies. The mall has undergone several expansions and renovations throughout the years, including the recent addition of a Nordstrom department store in 2015. Considered an "upscale shopping center", Ridgedale includes various luxury brands such as Coach New York, Swarovski, and TUMI.


1974–86: Grand opening[]

Ridgedale Center was constructed on 81.3 acres of land in 1974 by the Dayton–Hudson Corporation, becoming the Twin Cities' fourth 'dale' shopping center, following Southdale, Brookdale, and Rosedale. The original center comprised 1,040,000 square feet (97,000 m2) of retail space, and was anchored by Dayton's, Donaldson's, JCPenney, and Sears, the former of which also developed the center.

Dayton's announced plans in the early 1990s to tear down their current location at Ridgedale, and replace it with a much larger location in the same mall; these plans were also made at the other 'dale' centers, like Southdale and Rosedale. However, these plans were eventually scrapped and never occurred. In 1996, Dayton's opened up a second anchor store at the center; this new store focused on men's clothing and furniture, while the original location changed focus and became centered on women's and children's clothing; the two stores were differentiated by their new titles, "Men's & Home Store" and "Women's and Children's Store".

1987–2006: Dayton's, Marshall Field's, and Macy's[]

In 1987, Donaldson's announced the merger with Chicago-based department store chain Carson Pirie Scott. The 128,395 square feet (12,000 m2) Carson Pirie Scott store would also eventually leave Ridgedale Center, in 1995. Mervyn's, a California-based department store, announced interest in the former building, but never opened, despite opening locations at former Carson's locations at Brookdale Center, Eden Prairie Center, and Rosedale Center. In 2001, Dayton's merged with Chicago-based Marshall Field's, which merged with Macy's in 2006.

2007–present: Renovations and Nordstrom opens, Sears closes[]

In early 2007, Ridgedale underwent a multimillion-dollar renovation to "freshen and brighten" the mall, with the use of "all-new lighting, flooring, and paint." The renovation also included the addition of new restrooms and seating areas. Completion of the renovation process occurred later that same year. The center was also briefly mentioned in the commercially successful 2007 film Juno.

In 2009, Nordstrom announced plans to open a location at Ridgedale in 2011; however, these plans were later cancelled due to General Growth Properties, the mall's owner, filing for bankruptcy. This announcement came with the closure of the Macy's Men's & Home Store. Later in 2013, Nordstrom confirmed plans to open up a 140,000 square feet (13,000 m2) department store at Ridgedale by 2015; these plans allowed Macy's current anchor of 202,000 square feet (19,000 m2) to grow into a larger, 286,000 square feet (27,000 m2) location. The current Macy's Women's & Children's Store was expanded to provide additional space for the combination; during this process, a major fire occurred at the construction site, delaying the construction by several weeks.

On June 4, 2014, deconstruction of the Men's & Home Store occurred, to make way for the new Nordstrom store, plus an additional 85,000 square feet (7,900 m2) of leaseable space, presumably for upscale retail and dining options. This expansion was evaluated at $50 million, according to General Growth Properties. The Nordstrom location officially opened on October 2, 2015, followed by a grand opening ceremony.

On October 15, 2018, it was announced that Sears had filed for bankruptcy and plans on closing 142 stores. These closures include the Sears at Ridgedale, which held a liquidation sale until the end of the year.